THE GUILD management team is a forward-thinking group of senior marketing and media-relations specialists.

Our account team brings a real-world perspective to each account, offering our clients a proactive "think-tank" approach. This cross-fertilization of ideas is designed to address the clients' objectives with the utmost creativity.


THE GUILD believes that the practice of public relations and marketing is an imaginative, collaborative and sometimes improvisational discipline.  

In many ways, we are like orchestra conductors.

Harmony, compatibility, striking the right note with the right pitch and cadence so that the project is more a symphony of mutual co-operation, fidelity and an appreciation for making a concept into a reality.

It is very simple, really. We make music with your score.

The process is truly collaborative because we work closely with the client to make sure the voice and rhythm in news releases, collateral materials, Internet content and other marketing materials is the client’s. We capture that authentic mode of expression to ensure that each campaign is credible and productive and reflects your priorities.

In capsule, The Guild honours, protects and enhances your corporate theme and places you on centre-stage. 

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