The Guild is an independent and dynamic communications consultancy designed to take corporate imaging to quite another level.

This PR organization not only thinks out of the box but raises the ratchet on PR per se and adds to it a personalised and seamless service that protects and promotes the interests of the client in an aggressive and competitive market.

Operating out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, THE GUILD brings to the table an insight and objectivity specifically oriented towards supporting the goals of both, regional and multinational clients, in a slew of sectors including real estate, retail, arts and culture, automotive, hospitality, luxury goods, finance, and government executed enterprises.

With access to a wide media network, the best of writers providing wordsmith services and the capability to not just make the message but send it to the right recipients, THE GUILD is not just user friendly; its competence is its hallmark.

Our work ethos is also different in that we truly understand and appreciate the deadline needs of media and are dedicated to ensuring that information given to it on any developing story retains and strengthens the core values of the news quotient so that it deserves space and air time, which is why the name: GUILD.

THE GUILD has been created with strength and sensitivity on a foundation of profound awareness of 21st century media and its priorities and the mutually supportive roles we can play in this exceptional growth oriented environment.
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